SW Canterbury Informational Report

This is our information report on the Haast’s Eagle around between 1280 and 1400. It was a terror of the ancient skies and terrorized the Maori and their flock (animals.) Here are a few facts about it.

The Haast’s eagle’s wingspan was roughly 2-3 metres wide enabling it to fly fast and high,  plus the fact of its sharp and giant 7.5 cm talons and beak. It can catch quite a few Moa in its time, but sadly in our day it is extinct because the Maori killed off the Moa, so the Haast’s Eagle didn't have any prey left. The Maori couldn’t hunt the Haast’s Eagle because of its supreme speed, severe strength and massive mass, and back then they did not have the right technology.

So in overall conclusion it was an extremely efficient hunter that was at the top of the food chain for an very long time. It terrorised the Maori for decades, centuries even, so it was a very successful predator.



Marcus’ Questions→
How would the maori deal with the Haast’s eagle? What would the haast’s eagle Wingspan be? How big are it’s talons?

Answer 1→  Hunting the moa by humans was probably the main cause of its extinction because that's also the main creature the Haast Eagle hunted.
Answer 2→  Close to 2 or 3 metres.
Answer 3→ 7.5 centimetres
Why Does The Haast Eagle Fly Most Of The Time? Has The Haast Eagle Ever been A Pet? Has The Haast Eagle Always Been A Pest/killer?
Answer 1→ So it can find its prey more easily.
Answer 2→ The owner would be torn to shreds
Answer 3→ Depends how u define pest/Killer
Ralph→ Did The Maori Hunt The Haast Eagle For Food and The End of The Arrow?.What Did The Haast Eagle Hunt With Its Beak Or Its Talons?
Answer 1→ They could not hunt it

Answer 2→ it hunted with its talons and ate with its beak.

2017 Athletics Reflection

2017 Athletics Reflection

Write your reflection on your participation, effort and performance in the 2017
Athletics competitions.

You could reflect on these questions.
  1. How well did I use a growth mindset to stay positive when the competition got tough?
  2. Did I manage to achieve my athletics goals and why/why not?
  3. In what ways did I represent my House well in the competition?
  4. What did I do well and how do I know?
  5. What was challenging and how do I know?
  6. What am I most proud of and why?

Start your writing here:
I used a growth mindset to try my best in all the activities, even though I didn’t get a placing. I didn’t give up, and did not get bogged down by comments.

No, there were just too many good athletes. My goal was to get to the SW Zones and compete, sadly I didn’t. Only first and second place get to go to zones.

Trying my best in every activity e.g. high jump, long jump, and sprints. I also, encouraged others to do well in all their activities.

I think I did long jump the best out of all of my activities beacause I got over the raking, so yeah.

High jump and sprints beacause in sprints I had an aching foot (that I still have) and high jump beacause on my last jump i missed the mat and hit the grass.

I am most proud of my long jump because I tried my best, didn’t give up and got over the rake marks.

Term 4 Goal Review

Term 4 Learning Goal
My Learning Goal
Improve in Reading
How am I going to achieve my goal?
List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal.
Improve my reading in some areas.
Read more books at home and school that I can finish quicker (usually I read books that are very large and take a long time to complete)
Work hard to complete follow up tasks to my best ability
How will I know when I have achieved my goal?
I will be completing the goals I have set and be able to choose new ones. 
My Learner Qualities Goal
Improve being self  aware and communication
How am I going to achieve my goal?
List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal.
Ask my friends if they want me to stop doing what i'm doing
Try to recognize the signs when people have had enough.
To communicate with others in a clear understandable way.    
How will I know when I have achieved my goal?
My friends will get less annoyed at me.
My communication skills will be better.