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Walt to compose a rap and create a rap ( with beat if possible) about bullyingHow did you go about achieving this? We achieved this well we could have done a few things better
What resources did you use Imagination, The HTML5 drum kit
did you go through this process alone ofdid you collaborate? I collaborated with cayden and harryhow did you find this process slightly Embarrasing
what part did youmost enjoy using the drum kit (online)
What is your next step help my team more

Here is my rap...
Don’t be a bully just spread the plea       
We don’t like people victims just let them be

We know Mr Bullie, we know everything
You may be my friend now but you hurt me everywhere

Give Me An M an R an B an U an L an L an I and a E
Mr Bullie
We don’t like it at all

Dark And Light we choose light
But you Mr Bullie you may choose but you ain’t no friend
Try to be the one who’s polite

We know how you started it
Your one whos afraid
Don’t be bullie be a friend

Or your gonna be in thinking spot

Maths - Multiplication and Division

WALT solve X by doing the algorithim method. Use brackets to show your understanding

              (2000 x4 =8000)
   8000    (300   x4 =1200)          
   1200    (40 x4 = 160)
   160      (5 x4 =20)           (8000+1200+160+20+ 9380)

WALT: Solve written division by showing remainder as a fraction
5⦘349457 2/5

6⦘82463 3/6=1/2

I have learned how to solve problems using different strategies. My favourite strategy is using remainders as fractions, it was fun.

Next I would like to learn how to practice the strategies so I am more confident to solve harder problems.

Moment in time

I saw the looming building above me as I pulled and pulled to try and smash it. I crashed and smashed. Wrecking cars and destroying homes as they had to mine. I came above water and grappled the supports.

I heard the screaming of humans and the constant whirring of the helicopter. I propelled my self upward and grappled the helicopter, threw it across the city. I saw it regain balance in midair.

I felt angry. I saw a tiny little man snapping photos and flashing my eyes, I saw him dragged into a ambulance. The massive buliding smashed. I started chasing the ambulance. I decided it wasn’t worth the risk.

I wondered what on earth were they thinking. I saw several drones snapping photos of me.

Run Bike Run Poetry

WALT use poetic verse to recount an event we participated in.

The Run Bike Run event was usual enough; it had the
Two lakes, the Cones, the intersection, the bridge, and even The Transitions area.
My friends, my classmates and I did what kids do -  
 Played the competitive games,
Ran around the painfully long track,
Talked about nothing important,
Pedaled as the wind blew strongly in the wrong direction,
Lost the people chasing us,
Ran through the cones that led to the finish.

Having a miraculous time.

Dance - Term 2


At dance we learnt two different dances, the Hip Hop and the Cha Cha routine. I wasn´t there for the overall performance but i learnt both of the dances. The Hip Hop routine was a fast routine that was lots of fun. We had to sing in some parts. We also had to do the Cha Cha which is a holding hands routine where you tap your feet to a rhythm. There were several variants of the Cha Cha including the train, new york, allemana turn and back to back. Most of our Hub performed on the Friday, they did the Cha Cha in a circle with the boys on the inside and girls on the outside and they switched around during the routine. We did the Hip Hop the same as usual.

My Student Led Conference