CARE Values

I know how to show my care values in the classroom I think we have the CARE values at Oaklands because if we don't have the CARE values what would keep the students in line?
I think the most important CARE value is Excellence. Here is a picture of me showing that value

Dream Big

WALT describe ideas about the school design

The school idea I am presenting is Chromebooks attached to tables

I am presenting this by making a model

I think that the school should use this idea because it would make less injuries and save money.


For the last two weeks we have been doing swimming. I learnt the six kick drill and the tumble turn. I found survival backstroke challenging because I kept getting water up my nose. I am most proud of my freestyle tumble turn.

Persuasive Writing

We are learning to write persuasively. Some places I would find persuasive writing are: Newspapers,Elections,Speeches,Stories,Movie/Game reviews,Advertisements,Letters,Online News,Blog Post.


I would use the word Adventurous to describe Sophie. I think Roald Dahl wrote this book because he wanted people to believe things no matter how hard they are to believe.

Strand Maths

We have learnt how to measure different objects. Three units i know about are: kilograms,meters and capacity.

Visual Art

Last week I created a collage showing the alpine habit. The three animals that I chose were:Stag,Yellow Beaked Albatross and the Kea. The feature of my art I am most proud of is:My Mountains.

My Writing Goal

"My writing goal is to: Make a story with no mistakes. Something I will do to achieve this is check my writing three times.

Reading-Our Class Novel

As a class we read the novel Best Mate by Michael Morpurgo the best thing about this book was the Fairlawns parade/protest. A question I have for the author is: why did you make Patrick not recognize Best Mate . I am feeling exited to start reading The BFG.

Integrated Learning

in Intergrated Learning we have been learning about animals and habitats here is my question My question is: Why are snakes scaly

four features of instructional writing

The four features of instructural writing are title equipment instructions picture or diagram in my writing I think I linked well my next step will be to have no mistakes at all