2015 reflection

in 2015 I enjoyed jelly park,air force museum,Arion farm park,maths,student led conference,gardening with Mr M,christmas

Year 4 sleepover!

on Thursday-Friday we had a school sleepover it started at 1:30 on Thursday the first activity was predator
it is a game where there is 1-3 predators everyone else is a hider

Arion farm park

One ordinary day I'm going to school in the car dodedode I hum to myself  I just remember I'm going to Arion farm park today!!!! yay!!!!! as we aproch the school gate  I walk in the school gates and walk to my room. When I walk in  we get our bags yay I SHOUT.


A cold summer morning about 8:30 am I was here in England. with my family . I felt a little bit homesick
we're going to France today!!!!!!! .

we all hopped in the car it was a three hour drive to the train station (THREE BORING HOURS)
finnaly we were here oh no a thirteen hour drive on the subway... (THIRTEEN REALLY BORING HOURS LATER) finnally we were

Maths with miss B

walt solve addition and subtraction problems with intergens (positive and negative numbers)
-3-2-1 0 1 2 3

my addition math

55+2=57     11+3=14

94+3=97     10+2=12
31+2=33      86+2=88

28+3=31      64+3=67

32+1=33      62+2=64

58+2=60      48+3=51

72+2=74      56+4=60

24+3=27      44+4=48

58+1=59      83+1=84

83+2=85      29+2=31

32+4=36      14+3=17

51+2=53      18+2=20